Brothers in Life and DKE

Contributing to the Legacy


Angus Cooper II ’64 and David Cooper ’67 are familiar with developing and continuing a family legacy. The brothers are the third generation in the family business Cooper/T. Smith, one of America’s oldest and largest stevedoring and maritime-related firms.


The company was established in 1905, and in their tenure the brothers have grown Cooper/T. Smith to a competitive world-wide business with operations on all three U.S. coasts and foreign operations in Central America and South America. They are preparing Cooper/T. Smith for the fourth generation, their own sons.


The brothers have committed themselves to the DKE legacy of Psi Chapter. Both men joined DKE because of the Fraternity’s strong alumni presence in their hometown of Mobile, Alabama. These alumni were respected community members and leaders.


Angus and David both earned degrees in business administration. The Fraternity was a developmental element of their college and professional endeavors. David says the experience taught him how to handle difficult situations and was beneficial because “you meet people from all over with different ideas and opinions and forge lifelong friendships.”


The men have fond memories of their time as collegians. Angus remembers “Coach Bryant and the success that he had, along with the players and the entire student body, in writing history in college football.” He names Coach Bryant’s address to the student body at Foster Auditorium while on the way to a football national championship as a highlight of his tenure at the university. He also recalls roaming around to the different sorority houses leading up to squeal night.


Angus and David encourage undergraduate members to get involved in campus organizations in addition to DKE, stressing the importance of meeting people from other backgrounds. “Find time to work part time; it is valuable in your overall development,” adds David. Angus offers this advice to young alumni: “After graduation you are thrown out into that jungle. Just remember that very few people ever love their first job, but if you have discipline and character, pay attention to detail, and work hard things will work out—if not in that situation, in another.”


In regard to the importance of his gift to the capital campaign, Angus explains, “I felt like I got so much out of being a DKE at the University of Alabama, and I would be remiss if I didn’t help make that opportunity available to others.”


Both men find loyalty and trustworthiness important in one’s peers and agree that one should surround oneself with those who are better, providing the opportunity for mutual improvement.


In his spare time Angus enjoys golfing, hunting, and fishing. He has four children: Lisa, Angus III, Scott, and Claire Ellen.


David and his wife, Joanne, have three children: Ashleigh, Margaret, and David Jr. David gives to the campaign “to ensure future generations will have the same opportunities I was afforded by Deke during the ’60s…I’ve always believed the Lord takes care of fools, children, and DKE pledges.”

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