Psi Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon


God bless our noble Brotherhood; its past is sweet to hear,

And its grandeur and its glory grow with each succeeding year.

And the story of its heroes shall an inspiration be

To us who proudly wear today the pin of DKE.



We are proud of our fraternity and the more than 70,000 men who have become our brothers since DKE was founded in 1844.  Dekes come from every walk of life.  Many have gone on to distinguish themselves in politics, the arts, sciences, sports, education, and the humanities.


Five U.S. Presidents have been Dekes, the most of any fraternity.  The first man to reach the North Pole was a Deke and a Deke has carried our flag to the moon. In every corner of the world you will meet fellow Dekes, but whatever their background or station in life, all are united by the shared experience of membership in DKE.


Mission: The Objects of Delta Kappa Epsilon are the cultivation of general literature and social culture, the advancement and encouragement of intellectual excellence, the promotion of honorable friendship and useful citizenship, the development of a spirit of tolerance and respect for the rights and views of others, the maintenance of gentlemanly dignity, self-respect, and morality in all circumstances, and the union of stout hearts and kindred interests to secure to merit its due reward.

House Corporation Board President

Richard Pipkins ’17
Tuscaloosa, Ala.
(205) 292-1041
Mobile, AL

Sighs of Psi Newsletter

Lee Hurley ’82
Birmingham, Ala.